sponsorship / partnership

Fiji Day Sydney is open for expressions of interest to participate for 2016. Artists of Fiji heritage or influence musical artists, music groups, dancer group. Contact us for more information. 

In 2016 we will broaden business opportunities and engage wider cross-sections of the inner- city artistic communities. We will also continue to provide opportunities arise businesses who seek to market to the Fiji/Pacific market both here in Australia and Fiji. A large segment of our audiences are young people, working adults and families. This provides new opportunities for products and services, that are not specifically Pacifica orientated but looking at promoting to other age brackets and market segments.


stall holders

The 2016 Fiji Day Sydney Festival is now managed Kokonutvibe & Tapastry in partnership with several organisations. 

The event will also feature live performances, including cultural groups, urban acts and celebrities taking you on journey through Fiji and the Pacific


event overview

"ni sa Bula Vinaka"

Expressions of interest is now open for those are interested in having s stall at Fiji Day Sydney 2016. We have several different areas including business products and services, food, non food products, creative arts, community service, fashion etc.